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Climbing The Ladder

Wiping his brow

He managed to tear himself away

The past few nights

Had left him rather tired

Returned his thoughts

To a need he found overpowering

He felt success

Was now within his grasp.

Climbing the ladder

Three runs forward, two runs back

Climbing the ladder

Trying to stay on just the right track

Keeps us the pace

Tells himself that it's all worthwhile

Hard work is its own reward one day.

Could he be wrong?

Are all his dreams merely fantasies

And would it all

Fall in on him some day?

Now he sits back

Amid all things he worked so hard for

And wonders...

Was his energy well spent?

Whatever the price

He is where he wants to be

The end has justified

The means and all.


Climbing The Ladder / Saga

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