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No Man's Land

Sammy's sleep was short that night

He heard a sound turned on the light

He was all alone in there

All the noises had him scared

He made his way down the stairs

Then the sounds were everywhere

He grabbed his daddy's gun

Felt safe from everyone

It's dangerous

In no man's land

So dangerous

His hands were shakin' but he wouldn't dare

Look through the curtains cause he was so scared

People running from the shop

A fire burning down the block

He saw their faces, but they looked so mad

Whatever happened he knew it was bad

He was so alone in there

The sky was bright, smoke filled the air

No one gives a damn

Living in no man's land

No one understands

Living in no man's land

Said they'd be home, but they weren't there

Where did they go, don't they care

To be a child alone that night

Can you imagine what that's like

One little boy forced to hide

Became a man from what he saw that night

They reached into Sammy's eyes

And took away his smile


No Man's Land / Saga

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