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Taunting Cobras

Hey you
She's gonna get you
If you go walking by
This corner slow
Don't think she's gonna let you leave
Just because you want to go

Boy you
Ain't seen nothing yet
It's a long train of regret
Puppets get
No second chance
Pull that string
They gotta dance

Parellel addiction is
A double crucifixion
When you're always out there
Feeding your head
Always channel surfing cause
Your brain it isn't working
When you're looking for
That moment just remember

Don't look
Don't stray
Don't talk it over
No time
No way
Listen to me I'm cold sober
You're just out there
Taunting cobras

Hey you
Who's gonna warn you
When it's something
You don't want to know
Don't think
It won't deform you
Twist your mind
Then let it go

Welcome to the prison
Let me tell ya
What you're missing
I've been coming here
For nearly a year
Out there was my corner
'Till I came in for a water
Mixed with whiskey
And a chaser of
Sideways glances


Taunting Cobras / Savatage

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