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In this city of raw emotion
What's this message you bring to me
In my world of blind devotion
You were there
But I could never see

Is your heart harder
What's inside your head
Is the dark your father
Have all your years been bled

From my world I have watched and wondered
Safely here behind these walls
And your tears could they mean nothing
If from this distance
No one sees them fall

Sometimes late at night
When I'm there in bed
I lie there wondering
Where do you lay your head
And do you say your prayers anymore?
And do you say your prayers?

Is your heart harder
Do you still feel pain
Does the night go farther
When you're sleeping in the rain

In the dark I have heard a calling
Broken wings that beg to fly
Is there time or is it too late
Is the cut flower no longer alive

Damien, Damien, yeah yeah Damien, oh, Damien


Damien / Savatage

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