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Degrees Of Sanity

And so I sit here in the dark
You made the rules
I played the part
I never rushed or pushed my fate
When time was tight I knew to wait
And circumstance
So well disguised
Within a gathering of lies
And in the dark I lie awake
So I can watch you drive your stake

What's that you said to me
The moment dies
Degrees of sanity
All alone Lost unknown
And whispered in our sighs

And in the dark it all unwinds I pray for change
The kiss of time
And in my thoughts
I sit and dwell
The labyrinth's there
I know it well

And all the things you never heard
While in my mind I search for words
But time was lost
The curtain fell
I take my bows and wish you well


Degrees Of Sanity / Savatage

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