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As darkness falls so hard
Come and play, yeah

Out there
Alone and out of place
Streets of illusion
Sooth the shattered faith

I've been a runner
I've been a sinner
I've been inside my head
I sit here staring
Never quite caring
And this is where it has led

These streets
Glitter in the dark
Don't sleep
Red eyes sunken and stark
Dream deep
In her arms where you are safe
These streets
Never sleep still they never wake

Somewhere out there
Gardens bloom and grow
Children awaken
To a world they know

Somewhere there's sunshine
Somewhere the light's kind
Somewhere they seek the day

Somewhere there's no scene
Somewhere the air's clean
But somewhere is so far away

Somewhere the light is kind, is kind...no...oh yeah

Welcome children
From the other side
In the darkness
Your eyes are opened wide

Here there are answers
On the edge dancers
Here the night hides our sins
And if you listen
While the streets glisten
Here's where our story begins


Streets / Savatage

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