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The Unholy

Oh yeah
In distant ages long ago
Before the birth of Christ
Lived a race trapped in soul
Terror on the rise
United beyond the storm
They ruled the astral plane
No one could stop them
They wouldn't fall
In a while they would soon reign

A step beyond the grave
Visions so insane
They opened the gates of Hell

Calling, Calling
Unholy light is calling
Faster, faster
Prelude for disaster
Get straight
But no
Here's your prize
Oh yeah
They're unholy

Raging spirits kept from the light
Enslaved in worlds of doom
Marching armies to the darker side
The devil's black platoon
Torches raised no mercy
Victory was theirs
Such was life
In the unholy years

Step beyond the grave
A vision so insane
They opened the gates of Hell

Oh yeah
They're unholy
They're unholy



The Unholy / Savatage

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