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White Witch

Heart beat is rapid
Your blood pumping faster
Hands reach for the blade
Touch her
Feel her
Your body it craves her
She leads you to your grave

She's an image all dressed all in white
No, you know you want her now
Casting a spell
Her power on you
You'd leave but you don't know how

Wrapped and enraging
I use to maintain it
Do you want some more?
Give her your money
Sell her your soul
The deadliest of whores

Wicked white demon
Is staring at you
Controlling all that you say and you do
Sweating intensely
The music's much loader
On the glass is a poison powder

She is now your only master
Your whole life's a complete disaster
Don't you dare
Let her in
As your final chore

Taking my soul
Taking control


White Witch / Savatage

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