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The Edge Of Midnight

Can't bite the hand that feeds ya
Cause you're a woman of needs, don't bite, no, don't bite
Been robbed of your freedom, break the chains and be free
Life's not worth living when you can't have what you want

Beware the edge of midnight,
Telling you your dreams
Don't touch the doors of daylight
Cause you will never be free
Never ever be free

I think that you were born on the black side of the moon
Yes, you know it's true
Can't control your palace of pleasure
Outreached hands to the loom
On your horizon lie a thousand broken dreams

I'd say you'd better listen to the power of the night
Believe it's right
Midnight spirits rage in your mind
Can't control the hands of time
And the days are slipping away


The Edge Of Midnight / Savatage

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