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Circus Of Death

We're just puppets left to parch
Dancing to a deadly march
The evil circus can't be stopped
If the lamb of God gets dropped
The ragin' fury gives the clown power
Leads the game to a bloody shower
Flowing down our despair
We evoked the beast from his dark lair

It's the circus of death

Hate turn us into gnawing vultures
With killer faith and imposed culture
Jugglers, dwarfs and mountebanks
Confuses us all with all their pranks
When the circus come to town
All'o our certainties fall down
When the lions will get to roar
We'll prepare ourself to war

Fools have many tales to tell
While they lead the way to hell
Jesters have no laws or moral
When they start their bloody quarrel

It's circus of death

Death SS

Circus Of Death / Death SS

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