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The Shrine In The Gloom

When time will have no power
in a place on the edge of outer space
We'll wake the Lord of the Snake
using our brain, muscle and nerve.

I'll kiss the mouth of thy womb
our sharpened knives shine in the gloom.

I wait the wonder above
the Holy quintessential love.
I am the sacrifice
and you're the Priestess, slave of love.

We both are willing to die
like the light of day dies at nightfall.

My soul is on fire, I'm lost in the trance of love.
At my Lord's desire, before the Shrine in the gloom.

I sink in honey and wine
tonight we breathe the ancient Rite.
You carve my chest with your knife
and then we'll dance at the sound of life.

Our love is better than life,
we both are sitting on the Throne.

Now we're ready to slay, to the fire of the Eyes of God.
Mouth to mouth, heart to heart, in the trance of love.

Time renew the illusion, and forever may it be!
At last we are inside the shrine in the gloom.

Death SS

The Shrine In The Gloom / Death SS

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