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Templar's Revenge

"I die innocent, but I summon within a year,
To the Court of God, the Pope,
The hired assassin and the King.
The last King's descendant will die in torture, killed by a Templar!..."
I am coming back from Hell
The flames of the stake have not destroyed my hate.
My curse is not over yet
I confessed under torture all you sins.
I'm dead guiltless!
I ask for revenge!
My order was mighty and strong
A model of faith in all the Western world.
The Temple is now destroyed
By the greediness of your black, twisted soul.
I'm dead guiltless!
I ask for revenge!
One after the other you all must die
Time will not stop the Templar's revenge
The great injustice asks to be avenged with blood
For innocent lives that died in flames.

Death SS

Templar's Revenge / Death SS

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