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Black Mass

...It's eleven o' clock in the desecrated church
and now that we're all here, we're ready to follow
the Black Priest, while bats and toads invade the
church. The most beautiful witch shall lay on the
altar; a magic pillow shall sustain her head.
With open arms her body forms a cross and she
holds black candles in her hands.
Tonight HE will appear and if HE likes the
sacrifice, we shall all become immortal!

Satana, qui unus es dominus nobis
prodimus deum orbis terrarum
sanctos pinguemque feminam.
Tibi profundimus sanguinem nostrum liberarumque
subscribamus atrum voluminem mortis.
Et gratiam tibi agimus pro peccata nostra.
Stigma, quod nobis ipse impressisti, ostendimus.
Tibi confitemur peccata nostra
ut coniungas nos convivium ubertatis.
Nostrum cibum Belzeb consecra et vinculum
nigrae catenae solida.
Coniunge animas saltatione et commissatione
ad honorem tui, ut disiungat nos lux, Amen.

Pray brother! Pray with me!
Pray the Devil with force and faith!
This is your great chance!
This is the night of Black Mass!

Take off your clothes! Undress completely!
Rise to the altar and then kneel down!
When you're all ready bring to me the sacrificed!

This child's throat will be cut
over the body of a witch
mix his blood with my seed
and dip inside the Black Host!

Oh Astaroth! Oh Asmodeo!
Princes of friendship I implore YOU!
Accept my sacrifice! I offer you this blood!

This is my body! This is my blood!
Hallelujah Evil Sons! Join together in this orgy!
This is your great chance!
This is the night of Black Mass!

Death SS

Black Mass / Death SS

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