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In Ancient Days

In ancient days in other lives, long past, but not forgotten,
I've known the power of mind and flesh, to have my will obeyed
In Adonai and Babylon, Etruscans and Egyptians
Came to my temple – journeyed to the valley of the Moon
Deep underground where no light dared to come,
beneath my pyramid,
I stood in Hell, a mortal man, between Belial and Satan,
And still before my audience entranced with stark, cold fear;
I cured or struck with sickness, death, or made insane my foes

Yet here, in my thirteenth life, the mystic power of old
Returns and as I say these words, my soul again in Hell.
I conjure thee,
I conjure thee,
I conjure thee,
I conjure thee appear,
I raise thee mighty demons, come before me,
Join me here...

Death SS

In Ancient Days / Death SS

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