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Tonight I'm feeling so strange
I feel a strange sensation
a dark unwell in my brain
tell me baby what is happening?

The moon is higher tonight
it's full and red as blood
her light makes me blind
makes me feel all more badly.

The moon's ring is glowing always so much
the night becomes all so bloody
and a growing fury makes one's way on me.

Now yeah, now I realize!
I read the terror that's born in you!
It's him who wants this happen
it's him who now's the master of me!

I see my body covered by hair
teeth an ears are prolonging more!
I'm changed! I'm no more a man!
I'm become a Werewolf!

Now my view strikes terror into you
your frightened eyes are waiting death
you know that HE's now inside of me
so you're the victim of my new being!

This night I'll tear you into pieces!
My claws will caress your corpse
and your blood will satiate my thirst
'cause tonight I'm a Werewolf!!!

Death SS

Werewolf / Death SS

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