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And I finally see the light again
the light of my return
after too much time in darkness
I've had enough of being underground.

By now it's all over
forgotten from memory
and from the heart of the living.

My sepulchre has become decrepit
decaying as my mortal remains
They are corroded by time
by vice and by worms.

So many years now have passed
from the last time
that someone cried
or even prayed for me.

Oooh zombie, what do you want from us?
Oooh zombie, why have you come back to life?

Men don't care about their dead
don't know that they come back
come back to kill them.

Don't believe that it's all over
at the moment of burial
There is something more important
that pushes us to come back.

The living cry the dead but the dead kill the living
that is the greatest day for me
the day of resurrection.

I don't know who I was
I don't remember my ancient name
but now I feel a new reason
I have no fear to kill.

Oooh zombie, what do you want from us?
Oooh zombie, is this real life?

Death SS

Zombie / Death SS

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