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Word To The Wise

Wordsa re spoken from the book of the dead
Written in the blood of the ones who bled
Foretelling the story of our destiny
Shadow on the fate of humanity

The tyrants of the earth have made their plans
But the future of the world is in our hands
The ending of a war that would never end
Created by the kings of the kingsoms of man

The unification of the human race at last
Brothers and sisters come together forgive the past
Deep in your heart and your soul lies the key
Step through the door to a world where people are free

If hopelessness is what you see it's what you'll get
Believe in today because the fight isn't over yet
Our sons and our daughters will live if we never say die
Shame when the ones who have wings don't use them to fly...

There's hope for the world today I know
Believe that it's not too late for love

Death Angel

Word To The Wise / Death Angel

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