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 Death Angel Death Angelметалл-группа


Enter the tomb of the old
Mystery in ancient gold
All that ever was foretold
Cycle in constant change
Temple of doom rearranged
Many tales remain the same

Carved in stone enter the tomb
Ritual under the moon

Intrique wrapped all it's own
Building now what is renown
The sky is the cornerstone
Man fears time fears pyramids
Journey in sand to resurrect
Feather of truth is weighed against

One last trip river of life
Prophecy into the sky

Cursed with clairvoyance
The rise and the fall
The unknown is shadowed in stone walls

"Goddess of the sky
Spread yourself over me
Among the undying stars
That I may not die again"

Unknown truth ending untold
Monuments rooms of gold
Royal history in stone

Prelude to eternal life
Souls of our kings are defiled
Opening of the mouth

Death Angel

Prophecy / Death Angel

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