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 Death Angel Death Angelметалл-группа

The Devil Incarnate

Master of disguise move unseen
Shadow on the night silent hunter
Appetite aroused by the smell of your fear
Driven by desire instinct and hunger
And I will survive while you die

In your slow demise mercy denied
Bitter is the taste of your last breath
Choking on a bite from the apple of eden
Victim of my lies deceit and betrayal

Shed my skin steal your soul
Again and again from the birth of time

Shed my skin steal your soul
Over and over until the end of time

Look into the eyes of fate
Destiny you can't escape
Precious life that you now chase
Slips away as you're erased

Seasons come and seasons go
What will come you'll never know
Future is a mystery
For this lock there is no key

So you pray but I say it's too late

Running from the hands of doom
Crawling back into the womb
Look of horror on your face
Feeble human wasting space

Time has come to say goodbye
Live a life lived in a lie
Your tomorrow is now gone
The devil incarnate lives on

Death Angel

The Devil Incarnate / Death Angel

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