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Thrown To The Wolves

Led to the slaughter by those who were there to protect
Nailed to the cross then put on display to dissect
Dignity stripped like flesh being ripped from the bone
Sentence: death by mongrels to which you are thrown

Here comes the pack
Come to attack
Blood in their eyes
No compromise
Thrown to the wolves
Left there to die

Hiding from shadows that chase by the light of the moon
Choking on lies overflowing in silver spoons
Told of the cities of gold and a thousand delights
Fed to the dogs that hunt in the dead of the night

Behold I sent you forth as sheep in the midst of wolves
As the brother shall deliver up the brother to death

Beg for a life that is worth not a dime to their kind
Pleading for mercy from those that would leave you behind
Betrayed with a kiss by the blackened soul you will save
Burned at the stake so the jackals can piss on your grave

Death Angel

Thrown To The Wolves / Death Angel

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