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 Death Angel Death Angelметалл-группа

Mind Rape

Leader Of A Hippic Cult
The Devilish Chief
Diects His Wicked Family
To Kill Psychotically
Dying In Agony
As He Observes Patiently
A Guiltless Bloody Murder
In Vain Enigmatically

They Truly Believe
That He Is Jesus Christ
As Their Bodies Are Raped
Of Their Minds
Your Minds Are Filled With His Lies
And Soon Reality's Deprived
From Your Life
No Sense Makes Sense
In This World
He Has Your Brainwashed Mind
Under Control
In The Caverns
You Are Led
Where Memory And Thoughts
Are Dead
Your Savior Is All Need
And Off His Love You Feed
Dejected Utterly
X'd From Society Killed For A So Called God
Pledge Allegiance To Your Family

Death Angel

Mind Rape / Death Angel

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