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Guilty Of Innocence

No Choice
I Had To Do It
Or Else It Was My Ass On The Floor
I Had To Even Up The Score
So I Shot Down The Bloody
Now I Have To Face My Destiny
No Hope For Me In A Biased Society

Sinner – I'm Innocent
Repent – So Sorry
Die – No Please
Guilty Of Innocence
My Only Crime Was Being At The Scence
All Fingers Point At Me
Things Aren't As They Seem

Here I Sit And Wonder Why
You Constantly Must Classify
The Way I Think
The Way I Look
But I Don't Really Give A
'Cause You Don't Mean A Thing To Me
And This Is What I Fail To See
Now I Have To Go To Jail
'Cause I Can't Afford The Bail Judge
And Jury Sure They Were Fair
Laughing As They Cut My Hair

Death Angel

Guilty Of Innocence / Death Angel

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