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I Been Refused

Sittin' after supper
Watched the f.b.i.
Asked for the cigarette
I got no reply
Then you dropped your coulottes
Revealing rubber underpants
Sweat was forming in my shoes
But you ended our romance
I been refused
I lost my shoes
Last monday morning
Minus 20 degrees
Walked to unemployment
On my knees
Dogs in the ocean
Figs in the sea well come on baby
And wakka-wakka-wakka with me
Bought a kodak brownie
Developed film at home
Took some shots of sister
Pants were full of loam
Took a couple back views
Took some up front
Three tries wallet size
I was lookin' at that cunt
I been refused
I lost my shoes.


I Been Refused / Devo

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