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 Symphony X Symphony XПрогрессив- металлическая группа


Ancient lands, lost in time

Storms of sand, walls of lime

Surround this mask of death I wear

Awakened by intruder souls

The jackal screams as my stone gods behold

Desecraters of Ra


Pharaoh's curse upon you

Who dares to invade his sacred ground

Gods of the Nile arise to strike you down

Forgotten days of my rule, cities

blazed with gold and jewel

Diamond symbol of riches

beyond compare

Now I lay cold in this chamber of


Fools forsaken the wrath of my


Desecraters of Ra


Mystic gods of the stars

- I summon thee from afar

Sun, moon and earth

- align for my rebirth

I feel the blood flow through my veins

The life force shines on me again

Let the ritual begin

- you will pay for your sins

I am god, I am king of the land

The hour of judgement is at hand

Winds of revenges sweep through the sand

The mighty pharaoh lives again


(Chorus) x 2

Symphony X

Pharaoh / Symphony X

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