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Didnt Know It Was Love

It felt so easy in the morning sun

When love was in season I was on the run

I was lookin' for trouble and the thrill of the chase

Love was lookin' at me eye to eye, face to face

One touch should've told me, try and understand

Love was always a long shot to a gambling man

With a roll of the dice, girl I threw it away

Now I'm thinkin' 'bout you day and night, night and day

*Didn't know it was love

Didn't know it was fate

Didn't know it was destiny callin'

Tell me it's never too late

Was I too blind to see

When push came to shove

You were all that I needed

Didn't know it was love*

Wasn't blind to the magic, you think I'm so tough

Turning back on the thunder just ain't good enough

I keep trying to shake you, there just ain't no way

Now I'm thinkin' 'bout you day and night, night and day

(* Repeat)

Those crazy nights on the borderline

Did my best to cut myself free

Stood alone, just a prisoner

Never knew you were holdin' the key

(* Repeat)


Didnt Know It Was Love / Survivor

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