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Im Not That Man Anymore

Teardrops, falling from your eyes like raindrops,

Pouring from the skies,

Remember, you used to have the love I needed, back when we were young

Lovin' always came so easy, heaven shared our love,

Magic, the first time that I held you, you fit like a glove.

You'd soothe me, with a shrug of your heart you could move me,

It always seemed my love would find you, when you needed a friend

I would be the man who would understand you,

*But I'm not that man anymore,

And I'm not gonna throw my heart away,

No, that's not me anymore,

Baby I've changed. *

One look is all it took to tell me your love was made of lies,

Madness to think that I believed your reasons, your alibis,

The day girl, when I turned to look the other way girl,

I realized the game you were playin' was breakin' my heart,

I can see it plainly, time has changed me.

( * Repeat)


Im Not That Man Anymore / Survivor

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