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Донна Саммер Донна СаммерАмериканская певица - королева диско



I'm so wasted

Empty since you left me

I still need him and want him

Without him I'm nothing

If I can't do something

To get him to come home on to me


Love's been wasted

Guess I'm not too brainy

I was selfish and foolish

I used and abused him

And laughed when he threatened to walk out

But now he's done it

He was like the moon

He had his darker side

But he could be the sun

Shining in the light


Sure I'm wasted

Knowing he don't love me

Such a sad thing about him

To know that I love him

And nothing I say or I do will return

Say I'm wasted

Донна Саммер

Wasted / Донна Саммер

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