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Донна Саммер Донна СаммерАмериканская певица - королева диско

The Wanderer

Woke up this morning

drogged myself across

the bed

Alice went

to wonderland

but I stayed home


I started feeling bad

'cause I was left behind

'cause I'm a wanderer

Oh yes, I'm a wanderer

She climbed right through

the mirror

Oh that really blew my


I think I'll

follow through her rhythm

and her rhyme

I know I'm

ready now

it's just a

little time

'cause I'm a wanderer

I'm a wanderer


'Cause I'm wanderer

I travel every place

'cause I'm a wanderer

form here to outer space

'cause I'm a wanderer

got no time

'cause I'm a wanderer

just a wanderer

Slipped down

the back stair

on my toes

the out the door

they didn't hear

now they won't

see me anymore

'cause I'm can't take

that nine to five


it's a bore

'cause I'm a wanderer

just a wanderer

And so

it's up and out

and on and off

the road

won't have no troubles

'cause the whole


is my home

no need to worry

'cause I seldom am alone

'cause I'm wanderer

I'm a wanderer

Repeat chorus

Now you may see me

any time and

any place

and you may know me

from the same look

on your face

and I don't know

if I could

change your frame of mind

'cause I'm wanderer

just a wanderer....

Донна Саммер

The Wanderer / Донна Саммер

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