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Донна Саммер Донна СаммерАмериканская певица - королева диско


I watch your eyes

peeking at me through cloudy skies

I know you're far from me

but farther___from the sea

The mystery's true

I see another point of view

the fire burns so hot inside my door

I know the score

my bruise is still a little sore

I've been kicked there so many times you see

tree's call your name, but do i want to do the same

I'm resisting you. . morning dew

So lost inside

something in me has up and died

and resurection's not my strongest suit

Love may come

but right now it seems a little under-done

let's leave it in awhile and turn up the heat

I'll find my way

to the night from the light of day

'cause daylight always blinds my eyes

comes as no suprise

You watch my eyes

tempurature starts to rise

I know you're far from me...but farther

from the sea

from the sea_______

Copyright 1997 R.Droit

Донна Саммер

Farther / Донна Саммер

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