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Its What Were All About

Nevertheless am I dressed for the occasion

Its number 32 now heres the situation

If the beat moves your feet then dont change the station

NowPack your bags cause youre leaving on a permanent vacation

Well, Im a disaster

A microphone master

Put on the tape I'll rock your ghetto blaster

Its not about the money, cars, hotels, or resorts

About sweating all the bitches in the biker shorts

Im Hot Chocolate and you see me running late

Cause Im always making time to make your girlie feel great

And Im Bizzy D from way down town

Im known to rock a mic like a king wears a crown

When Im on top Im get up all that bootie

Hustling deals like Mickey Macooty

When I wake up I like a pound of bacon

Start off the day with my arteries shaking

(Chorus) x2

Rock! It's what we're all about

It's what we live for

C'mon shout it out

Well I bring down the house in every city we play

Just from pickin' up the mic' in a usual way

We rock and talk with a bass that's funny

We could even tear it up at a grade school party

Well I can keep the beat but I can't break dance

It's hard to look cool in crazy pants

But I wear 'em anyway even when they look whack

It's my personal way to bring the 80's back

Gave up the life of servin' burger and fries

High cholesterol gettin' grease in my eyes

I was drinkin' underage I belong on stage

Hello rock 'n' roll goodbye minimum wage

I'm teachin' you a lesson in mic' control

Makin' rhymes with my letters in my cereal bowl

Lucky number seven every dice I roll

Sum 41 to the power as the boob patrol


SUM 41

Its What Were All About / SUM 41

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