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Ill Hate You Better

In this world without harmony

Where there's no peace and there's no sanity

I can still survive and survive peacefully

Until that moment when you crash down on me


'Cause I7ll

I'll hate you better

'Cause I'll

I'll hate you better

You better watch how you direct your hate

Or you'll receive part of my natural trait

Before you send off you just better wait

'Cause I ain't got time not to retaliate


I'll, I'll hate you better

I'll hate you better

I'm not trying to threaten or to deceive

I'm just enlightening you so you won't be naive

I'll tell you one thing that you better believe

My hate is better to give than receive


I7ll, I'll hate you better


Suicidal Tendencies

Ill Hate You Better / Suicidal Tendencies

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