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Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right

Welcome to the year of the cyco

It's been a long, long wait

Welcome to a modern blitzkrieg

With peace, I can't relate

Welcome to death now you'll love it

Once in a lifetime treat

Say goodbye to peace and order

You and my terror will meet

My best friend is misery

My girlfriend is insanity

My father is revenge

My love for you I must confess

With my knife you passed the test

I'll love you till the end

Evacuation of my mind

In my body no heart you'll find

Where there's death I lurk

Empty stare incoherent

Screams of pain, love to hear it

Take pride in my work

They say two wrongs don't make a right

Well maybe that is true

But I can't describe the feeling I get

When I take revenge on you

Forgiveness is the key to destruction

But you can't open my door

Repentance, you're indecision

I hesitate no more

Tradition is the root of all evil

So now I water the tree

Salvation, an all-time sentence

So now I walk away free

Two wrongs don't make a right

But they make me feel a whole lot better

Suicidal Tendencies

Two Wrongs Dont Make A Right / Suicidal Tendencies

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