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Feel Like Shit...Deja Vu

Don't you tell me that I'm dreaming 'cause I've been here before

But that don't mean that I want to be from here anymore!

Cause I feel like shit-but who are you to say

I don't know I had to have a right to feel this way

I feel like shit-time after time

So don't be trying to tell me it's all in my mind

I feel like shit-but you don't really care

Except my God he used a four letter word in there

I feel like shit-what am I to you?

I feel like shit. Deja vu!

And when I feel like shit, I feel like shit!

I feel like shit-I'm sorry to say

Do you fuckin' think I like feeling this way

I feel like shit-what do you expect me to do

I feel like shit, deja vu!

This ain't my imagination

Lost all thoughts and concentration

Time goes on day after day

But still If feel the same fuckin' way!

Feel like shit, deja vu!

Always feeling out of place

Hiding behind a smiling face

There just ain't no pretty words

Can't you see it fuckin' hurts!

You know I feel like shit-deja vu

Feel like shit-deja vu

Feel like shit-deja vu

And when I feel like shit I feel like shit

Suicidal Tendencies

Feel Like Shit...Deja Vu / Suicidal Tendencies

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