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Trip At The Brain

Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

I gotta gotta take a trip, gotta take a trip out of this place

I gotta gotta get away, get away from the human race

I don't know what I'll see, don't even know what I'll find

I don't know what to pack, never been to a trip at the mind


Trip at the brain. Trip at the brain. Trip at the brain-

Do you know what I'm saying

Trip at the brain. Trip at the brain. Trip at the brain-

Well I'm going insane

I took a wrong turn and ended up at my heart

I t could barely even pump no blood it was so thrashed and torn apart

Thank it for working overtime in pain and misery

Then I set back on the trail, headed for my destiny


Fly with me

Flying free


You must be tripping

Trip, trip, tripping

Ya ya ya ya you're tripping

I cannot stop this trip, I forgot to pack the brakes

Crashed straight into a concrete wall of my mistakes

Ended up in a cemetary of a thousand wasted days

But that's alright with me, cause that's where most of my memories lay


Suicidal Tendencies

Trip At The Brain / Suicidal Tendencies

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