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 Gehenna Gehennaгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк


– Nothing been expend and still 'am' nothing burnt
– Its colored river of brain of the stoles back to jiggling, holding hope we're live
– It's a turn your mind of the body, turn the body, enjoy your taut
– Here I got, do it and go hunt
– Amounted victims of manhunt to this scale of body come from,
A floor is competed down the sheets it catch the blood is teller you scar it up he dram of the screams
– He was cruel, let we see this
– More and more in a slow tortures, sadistic camp
– Do you get the murder or we are wrong? – Yes I do. I repent.
– Evil: is got the force is a man nature
– Can't be what are you doing at your doubt
– Do way you wanna do and do not if you wanna do


Intro / Gehenna

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