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One Too Many Times

Mike Clark/Mike Muir)

Never good at talking, so many things I couldn't say

But those thoughts never went away

And I'm sure you remember, said that all I wanted was sympathy,

Now add this to your memory

Too many times-I felt so sad and lonely

Too many times-I needed someone there

Too many times-I tried to tell you something

Too many times-It seemed like no one cared

And I don't like asking-and it's not easy to say-

I never learned how to pray

So if you have a moment it means so much to me oh can't you see-

If you'd just say a prayer for me

Too many times-I didn't even have a second

Too many times-you thought I was much too strong

Too many times-you said the feeling wouldn't last forever

Too many times-I proved you so damn wrong

Saw the changes-thought they'd go away-do you still remember that day

Can't really fault you-only have myself to blame-

But do you still feel the same

Do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya, do ya?

But I waited so long-for someone to take my hand, and say they understand

And I waited so long-for someone to show the way-to make a better day

and I waited so long-for someone to spare a kiss for the love I miss

And I waited so long-for you to looke me in the eye

And say it's worth another try

But yo keep me waiting-waiting-too many times

You keep me waiting, one too many, one too many, one too many times,

Too many times

One too many one too many one too many times too many times

Can't you see yo keep me waiting-one too many times


Suicidal Tendencies

One Too Many Times / Suicidal Tendencies

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