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Master Of No Mercy

Mike Muir/Mike Clark)

Fuck it!

He's a carrier of death, a stork in reverse

He blesses you with sickness

Cause love is a curse

The arsening in your Koolaid, the bomb in your mail,

He disappears in motion

But leaves a bloody trail


Drop to your knees, humble you pray

But can't put off your judgment day

There's a knock at your door, who could it be?

You got a new friend that's gonna set you free

He's making a list, he's checking it twice

No amount of money's gonna stop this vice


No mercy, no mercy, no mercy. You want mercy?

No fuckin' mercy! Oh no

With the wink of an eye, a snap of the finger

Now the smell of death is all that lingers

A doctor of death with a PhD, a specialist in pure misery


See you fucked with him even though you knew

And now your worst nightmares all come true

You scream and shout you beg and plead

But he's got your soul and that's all that he needs


He's the master, master of no mercy, no mercy, no mercy


Suicidal Tendencies

Master Of No Mercy / Suicidal Tendencies

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