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Love Vs Loneliness

How can you love someone

If you think that you're no one?

When you mistreat yourself, and think it's all you deserve

Cause it's so hard to care

Is this love or is it loneliness?

How can you demand respect - when you have no respect?

When you abuse your body, never mind your mind

And you're your own worst victim

There'll be no love just loneliness

Why do you force a smile - when you know all the while

That you're burning inside, but don't want no one to know

The hell that you're in

As love turns to loneliness

How can you sleep at night

When you know it's not alright

When you wake up in the morning, nothin' has changed

If you do nothin' about it

Love becomes loneliness

Love vs. loneliness, love vs. loneliness

Love vs. loneliness, love vs. loneliness

And when you're down and you think you need something

The temptations so hard to resist

But what you grab sure ain't what you needed

That's no love it's loneliness

And when you're lonely and think you need someone

The plot takes a painful twist

There ain't no one that can make you feel like someone

Only you can cure the loneliness

How can you be confident when you're all wrong with it

When you know what you're doing and you're doing it wrong

It's no misunderstanding

This ain't love this is loneliness

How can you love someone - if you think that you're no one

Suicidal Tendencies

Love Vs Loneliness / Suicidal Tendencies

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