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 Gehenna Gehennaгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Slowly Being Poisoned

awakening from dreams that are too real
you know just how the killer feels
tomorrows nightmare is haunting you
a shield of terror you can't get through
you keep denying your reality

open your eyes and you will see
that you are chained and can't break free
you are dying for a dead belief
search you soul
find your hell
trapped inside a human shell
blessed with the will to kill murder flows through
like a drug in your veins
twisting your mind
like a rasorsharp blade

no sanity
no fucking will to be you kill yourself
you are dying

in need of control
your desperate grip could not hold
built for speed
the bullet in your head has won it all


Slowly Being Poisoned / Gehenna

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