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I Feel Your Pain And I Survive

Rocky George/Mike Muir)


You can not stand a single word I say

But you manage to hear every word anyway

Your eyes they always seem to be fixed on me

But not for love but for money


You say nothing yet I still hear

I am the thing that you most fear

I cause the pain deep in your heart

O, how I love to tear your world apart

Well I feel your pain and I survive

And I survive

I see your anger, I can hardly wait

How it feels so good to cause you such hate

Tried to ignore me. Thought I'd go away

But I'm back for good. I'm here to stay


You thought that you could get the best of me

To put me down, it seemed, so easily

I take such pride in the work I do

You hoped I'd fail but I'm not like you


I feel your pain so I survive


Suicidal Tendencies

I Feel Your Pain And I Survive / Suicidal Tendencies

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