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 Gehenna Gehennaгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

The Chariots That Carried Her To The Grave

O' Sarah can you hear me?
When they killed you did you cry (black tears)?
When your heart stopped, were you led to Hell's fire?

Forever it seemed, for every dream I dreamed

When they carried you off the birds flew away can you tell me why?
All the love I lost has turned to hate

Eternally I'll wait for the day your executioner falls to his death

O' Sarah what did they do?
Did they not know that I was in love with you?
Now my darkest hour has come
My evil work will now be done

O' Sarah do you have to leave?
Sarah plase can't you stay?
Sarah thou art a witch or so they all say
(please stay)

Legions of demons will avenge your death
So be it if it cost me my last breath


The Chariots That Carried Her To The Grave / Gehenna

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