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 Eruption Eruptionпоп-группа

Patience's Ring

When all time ends
Your soul I send
Beginnings end
On deathbed's hands
When ends begin
When your heart weeps
And hide the truths
Its golden bud
What lie herein
Mine patience keeps
Mine ancient will
Mine shining smoothes
Through years of blood
Since any times
While farewells win
Thine surge of rage
A golden chest
Which's kept in gold
To charming rhymes
For ever in
The weight of age
Will lie the rest
Weighs nothing more
In my vein's shrine
Will curse your thrill
Than insight's might
Smooth shape of gold
Inside my core
The cast of mine
When furies fight
Veils in heat's hold
Along my bends
The earthheart's cast
The fight would last
Till all time ends


Patience's Ring / Eruption

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