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 Dream Theater Dream Theaterпрогрессив- металлическая группа

These Walls

This is so hard for me
to find the words to say
my thougths are standing still

captive inside of me
all the motions start to hide
and nothing is getting through

watch me fading and losing
all my instincts – falling into darkness

tear down these walls for me
stopping from going under
you are the only one who knows i'm holding back

it's not too late for me
to keep from sinking further
i'm trying to find my way out
tear all these walls for me now

so much uncertainty
i don't like this feeling
i'm sinking like a stone
each time I try to speak
there's a voice I'm hearing
and it changes everything

watch me crawl from the
wreckage of my silence
conversations failing

everytime you choose to turn away
is it worth the price you pay
is there someone who will wait for you
one more time – one more time

Dream Theater

These Walls / Dream Theater

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