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Light Fuse And Get Away

Would you like to sit and talk to me
about the way things change so suddenly
when your senses come and the feeling goes?
can you remember feeling much too close?

Stop your hands from shaking
Look at me
Are your senses racing endlessly tracing
past impressions? So were mine
Have you ever been used
or will this be the first time?

It's come so clear to me
Light fuse and get away
No gain, no pain
It's a fatal game
and the true lose everything

I can see
what trust and loyalty have done for me
falling miles from the mark
with a thirst for revenge
and a dangerous heart

I've tried to wash from memory
feelings of betrayal and the incidents
that plague me since I lost my sense
of innocence

A history of changes now I'm loving
now I'm losing keeps me constantly
in fear of hearing "I can't see where
this is going"

You lie alone with the memory
feeling the ceiling and walls closing in on
Your Conscience –– my ally
the guilt –– your affliction
from preying on praise as you fed
an attention addiction

Someone told me
Light fuse and get away
No gain, no pain
and when it's lust to dust you can
crawl from the wreckage

I can see

Dream Theater

Light Fuse And Get Away / Dream Theater

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