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 Evergrey Evergreyпрогрессив- металлическая группа

The Shocking Truth

-we have evidence of a superior culture out there
they come from ...god knows where
maybe from outer space
maybe from some other dimension of existence...

All the battles that I've fought and lost
When I'm asleep they come
All the screams that I've screamed unheard
A week wounded soul

-they've been manipulating my life since I was a little boy
And they never asked permission
they never once asked
-you know what the hardest part is
the isolation the ridicule the self doubt
half the time you are wondering if you are going crazy

Dare I open my eyes and see
How much more can they possibly harm me
The frustration
The hurt
The fear
Of a week wounded soul

-for years I've worked real hard
suppressing all abduction memories
now that I remember
I'm scared to death almost all the time
I know they'll be coming for me again
they always come back

They're watching me
They're touching me
Moving so quick they're all around me
Ain't got the right
But say they do
The Shocking Truth

A week wounded soul
A deeply wounded soul

-They are abducting our citizens on a regular basis
conducting experiments on them
collecting specimens about ova
they have been impregnating women
and then later invading those women's bodies again
and steeling the unborn foetuses
for reasons we can only imagine


The Shocking Truth / Evergrey

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