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Seven Plagues, Seven Wrath (Xes Revelations)

Behold the genesis of the crowned fiend
From the middle sea to Babylon's zenith
Wrath times seven, annul the plagues
Perpetual supremacy of demonic hate
Avalanche of liquid fire
Volcano of blood (from the earth) burst
The rivers shall dry and man will die
The deceiver god quenches the thirst

To the realm of the beast dwelling
To the throne of the horned one
To those who bear his mark
To those who shed the blood of saints

Seven sins, vengeance from the deep
Shrivel the feeble righteous creed
Overturn the curse – retaliate
The seven plagues are conquered by hate

"Seven plagues, seven wraths... XES revelation"

Eradicate the false dogma
Never again shall we subject to lies
The sea of blood, the burning sun
Hunt the feeble, defy the deciever

Repent and pledge allegiance to the beast
(or: repent and follow the beast)
Ordained to rapture, black doctrine
Never forget the fiendish might
Everlasting evil ecstasy
Draw the chosen to molest the holy
Lament not the feeble sheep
Annihilate the seven angels
Wage war let the holy weep


Seven Plagues, Seven Wrath (Xes Revelations) / Enthroned

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