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Night Stalker

Sunset night's gloom falls on forlorn horizons
I wander the wasted paths of the barren land
The blade shinning in the moonlight, sharpend to slice thru the soul of god
And bring forth the demon hordes, from the bowels of the earth...
(Night stalker)
I walk upon the scattered corpses lying down the fields

Hatred burning inside me, vomiting blood upon the holy cross
Hatred burning through my heart, needing the reap the christian god
Hatred filling my veins, the mark of Satan upon my skin
Tonight is the night of blood
You shall all be taken by the night stalker...
Murderer... Darkest reaper!!!
Night stalker!!!

Hatred burning my force, willing me to crush the bones of human kind
Hatred blending my seed, with the blood of virgins I ride
Hatred burning through my pain, to condemn humans to breaking strain...
This night the bounds of terror shall be broken he will be unleashed
The night stalker... night stalker... night stalker...


Night Stalker / Enthroned

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