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Vortex Of Confusion

Take me!!!

Blank eyes in sight
Empty body for a soul full of sorrow
Confusion is growing in me
Spining within my blood
"Razors are hammering"
The vortex took me in loneliness!!!

Despair; silent screams are hurting my hears
Anger; motionless, hatred is burning my senses
Feelings; frozen scarves of my darkest past
Solution; self-destruction

Endless waitings, slow sufferings
The Satana – test in exciting my wound... my wound...

It's turning and turning into my head, confusion's turning me to insane
Tell me your choice, tell me my destiny across the vortex of confusion

At once, the kiss of the wolf sat my heart on fire
Yet another scarve melted into lava's spellbound
My body's burning and my soul once again petrified in time... in time!!!

My scarves are still bleeding remains of my darkest past
A new age shall rise, a new man is born, oh Lord...
Take me!!!


Vortex Of Confusion / Enthroned

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