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 Enthroned Enthronedгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Dance Of A Thousand Knives

Screams of anguish are rising in the land of Brahman
As the cult of Tugs, prepare the flesh for the grand goddess
Chance of allegiance raise panic within dementia
With pride the offering lay waiting for their consumation...

Vehement mistress of vengeance
My love has no limits in space and time
Our souls are burning drowned in your sombre essence...
Ask and your request will be granted by any crime... by any crime

Kali, our time has just begun
Kali, seven names, seven demons...
As my blood flows for thee, take me into the absolute paradise

Dissected hands, tortured skulls
Your set of death revelead all your magnificience
Within the shadows, reign from east 'til west

Under the Satan's realm or as a dominant goddess
Your are our great monstrosity
In all it's beauty and perfection


Dance Of A Thousand Knives / Enthroned

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