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 Enthroned Enthronedгруппа, играющая в стиле блэк

Crimson Legions

Distant skies in a wintersky
Blood on a frozen fields at dawn of a chaotic doomsday
The battalions of immortals gathered
Under the heretic banner at the portal
Where the fire inflamme the holy ground
Coming from a blind light
A formation of angels consume, by the abyssical vortex

Another forthcoming age without sunlight
Just a dead star above a plaguewinter world
Cold like a corpse carved in stone
Several nuclear stars have damaged the earth surface
Now the world is materialized without any alive cells

A vision of holocaust riding on the wings of human hope
The crimson legions scorch the earth under Tiamat's eye
The servants of the light
Aspotels of god are enslaved by the forces of chaos
And chained to the walls of hell for eternity

Humanity decayed, their souls are rippin' appart
Their flesh grilled by Xaphan's fire
Their bones crushed into the dead soil
Crimson legions


Crimson Legions / Enthroned

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